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Ownership Of Website

You can’t “own” a website in the same way that you own a car, a mobile device, or a computer. First, a website completely depends on its hosting provider—for example, GoDaddy, Wix, Hostinger, etc. If GoDaddy, Wix, etc. go down, your website will, too. Secondly, your website also depends on the internet connection—no internet, no website. Thirdly, your domain name, like, You don’t really “own” that, either; you pay GoDaddy (or whatever hosting provider you’re using) a yearly fee to have exclusive rights to use it. If you stop paying, you lose the domain name. Fourthly, in the same way, if you do not pay a yearly fee for the hosting or the website plan, then your website will vanish. The rate can range between Rs. 4000 and Rs. 55000 (depending on a variety of factors).

You may edit your website (a few contents and images) on your own, provided you have the credentials and have website editing knowledge (codes), by paying extra fees to your service provider. Remember, editing websites needs a very special kind of skill; it's not like using Microsoft Word or posting something on Facebook. Fifth, you need to pay the extra payment for design if you wish to have the entire design and development under your control.

So, go for subscription-based website services to avoid hefty payments and headaches.

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