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Case Study: Embracing A Specialty: Focusing On Complete Wealth Solutions

Financial Advisory Firm Marketing Case Study

Embracing a specialty is one of the most important decisions that financial advisors can make. This allows them to offer more tailored services, charge a premium, and find their ideal clients more easily. 

A great example of one specialist advisor we have helped with this strategy is Equity Money Box, based in Kerala & the middle east. They came to us starting from scratch before they had even created a logo or a brand for their firm.

Articulate Who You Serve And How You Help

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 17-04-48 Equity Money Box l Best Financial Planning Company l Bes

Brand Your Firm For Your Specialty

Because Mr.John came to us so early in the marketing process, we were able to brand his firm for his unique specialty. This isn’t always possible or necessary, but it’s a nice touch to have the entire firm presence align with whom he serves. First, we created a custom logo for his firm, Equity Money Box: followed by an entire brand identity design.

Equity Money Box.jpg

Showcase Your Specialty With A Custom-Written Website

The next step is to write the entire site with your niche in mind. We worked with John to use custom terminology and analogies that investors would understand. We also added important pages, including The Free Demat Account opening section & customized health insurance plan.

Feature Your Specialty With Curated Photography

The goal of creating a custom website that embraces your specialty is so that when a qualified prospect lands on your site, they feel like you are going to understand the challenges they face. We want them to feel confident that you are experienced in helping people like them and that they have found the go-to expert in your field. 


Featuring curated photography that speaks to your niche is an important part of communicating your expertise. You can see that throughout this website . 


Home Page

How We Help Page

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 17-09-48 Goals Equity Money Box Retirement Income Plan.png

Our Services Page

Optimize Your Website For Your Keywords

Part of our Total Marketing Package setup process is our full search engine optimization (SEO) package. Our SEO specialists doing a fantastic job creating a custom SEO strategy for your firm. 

Create Interesting And Relevant Content

Each month, we work together with our specialist advisors to create content that is valuable and relevant to their ideal prospects. For this niche, our calendar includes posts like:


  • Why health insurance is important 

  • Opening Free demat account 

  • Invest in bonds & Mutual Funds 

The more specific and helpful you can make your content, the more exposure it will garner. We want to create content that is interesting, relevant, and shareable. When a prospect reads your content, we want it to pique their interest and encourage them to ask questions about their specific situation.

Make It Easy To Get In Touch

Once people understand whom you serve and how you help, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to start the conversation. That’s why we add “Schedule a meeting” and “Ask a Question” buttons throughout your site. We also add a floating “Free Consultation” button to every page of your site so that prospects can secure a time to speak with you 24/7 in just three easy clicks.


Do You Need A Marketing Makeover?

If you or an advisor you know wants to offload their marketing to professionals, we are here to help. Get started by scheduling your free Marketing Consulting Call to review your current marketing strategy and get custom recommendations. Then save Rs.35000 on our Total Marketing Package and let us create a custom marketing strategy for your business! 


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