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Case Study: A Comprehensive Marketing Makeover For Surojit kala 

Surojit Kala ( Wealth Architect ) Brand Creation & Promotion Case Study

At ICONIX GOLD, we help insurance advisors to create custom marketing plans that address all the most important marketing strategies, including:

  • Embracing a specialty

  • Their website

  • Custom content

  • Email marketing

  • Social media marketing 

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Marketing metrics

  • Various Event Marketing 

  • Outdoor marketing strategies 

  • Continous branding innovations 

Digital Marketing Package for insurance advisor

Advisors often feel overwhelmed by all of the marketing they should be doing and don’t have the time or expertise to execute a comprehensive marketing strategy on their own. Surojit Kala of Surojit Kala Wealth Management was one of these advisors, which made her the perfect subject for this financial advisor marketing case study.

Surojit Kala came to our firm because he wanted a consistent marketing strategy that represented him well. While he already had a basic website and knew that he wanted to focus on helping people with their financial plans, he had not been executing his marketing strategy on a regular basis. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t think marketing was important; he believed in the power of marketing through personal & traditional media, but always stopped doing hir marketing when he was busy, which created a feast-and-famine cycle for his firm.

A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy, Focused On His Niche

When we first met, Surojit Kala wasn’t sure where to start with his marketing. new website design? Search engine optimization (SEO)? Social media? Content marketing? Email marketing? Traditional marketing? Marketing through various events? We recommended all of the above. After reviewing his goals, we got started on our Total Marketing Package to work on each of these important efforts. At that time he was a 6 times MDRT qualifier. 
Currently, he is a 12 times MDRT (USA) qualifier, 5-times COT achiever & 5 times Corporate Club Member. 


Our Total Marketing Package begins by identifying exactly who you want to serve and what you offer them. surojit kala had already been focused on serving businessmen & entrepreneurs, but we uncovered that most of his best clients reside, so we decided to create a marketing strategy for that niche. 

Optimizing For Search Engines

Now that we knew the keywords he wanted to show up for during a Google search, we were ready to approach search engine optimization (SEO). We completed our powerful SEO package targeting his niche . 

You can see the huge impact our package had on the number of people finding her firm from Google searches. This is important because it represents free traffic coming to his site & profile each and every day from people searching for what he offers.


As we increase the amount of content for his off-site SEO work, his google presence will improve and he will show up even higher in search results.


Social Media Marketing

Once we had Surojit kala's off-site SEO work set up and optimized, it was time to focus on social media. Setting up and optimizing your firm’s social media profiles helps improve your SEO and drives more traffic to your website through increased exposure. At this moment he is a celebrity financial advisor. A 5 times Corporate Club achiever, 5 times COT achiever & 12 times MDRT achiever at the age of 42 only . Having multiple offices in prime locations. 

We set up and optimized all of Surojit Kala's social media profiles so they look consistent across channels and get more traffic to her website: 

  1. Facebook Business Page

  2. LinkedIn Profile

  3. Presence in Google 

Each day, Angela’s website gets many new people visiting from the social media posts we create for him. Here are the daily visits to her site from Facebook and LinkedIn.



Proactively Communicating With Him Network During A Crisis

One of the things that Iconix Gold Agency provides as part of our Total Marketing Package is communicating proactively with your network during a crisis. This was important to Surojit Kala because he wanted to make sure his clients were hearing from him in good times and bad.

When the market experiences volatility or a crisis like the coronavirus hits, we keep our clients in front of their network with content designed to educate and connect, including:

  1. What You Need To Know About Recessions

  2. What Should You Do About The Coronavirus And uncertain income?

  3. I’m Here For You Virtually!

These posts were important in making his clients feel connected and allowing Surojit to field fewer panicked phone calls. They also resulted in a few new referrals! 

Tracking The Metrics That Matter

Our Total Marketing Package is designed to keep advisors top of mind, get more traffic to their website, and convert more traffic into leads. But how do we know it’s working? 

It’s critically important to track the most important metrics each month. We set up Google Analytics so that we can see important metrics on an advisor’s website like:

  1. How much traffic is coming to their site?

  2. What pages are people visiting most on their site?

  3. How are people finding their site?


But beyond Google Analytics, we use a technology called Databox that allows us to see a more comprehensive picture. Databox shows us the most important marketing metrics, such as traffic to an advisor’s website, their social media pages, and their email marketing. Our Monthly Metrics Report tracks everything, including:

  • Total website traffic

  • Traffic sources

  • Traffic by social network

  • Top visited pages and blog posts

  • Email marketing performance

  • Email subscribers

  • Facebook performance

  • LinkedIn performance

In his own words:

My main marketing challenge was knowing what to do and being consistent, especially with my personal branding and social media. I would do it when I had time, so I was not as consistent as I should be. I felt that it's not my job, coz I am not all having specialization & lots of time to think about it & it's impossible to execute without a professional team.

It is so wonderful to have help with this. ICONIX did a tremendous job for me. My credibility is immense nowadays I must tell you. Visibility of my personal brand is unparralel & i am converting it into big business .

Surojit kala

I am especially impressed by how quickly Iconix responded during market downturns such as the coronavirus to send out special newsletters or marketing creatives to help my clients understand what it meant for their portfolios and how to best think about it. The quality of the design, content, and technical expertise is top-notch! Whenever I interact with a team member of Iconix Gold, I am impressed by how knowledgeable and responsive they are. Amitabh Guha put together a great team!

I thoroughly researched other options for marketing help. I chose Iconix Gold because they specialize in advisors who have a niche. I also like that the marketing assistance includes creative design, social media marketing strategies, use of technology, SEO, and traditional marketing ideas.

I am feeling like I have great marketing support now. It is a huge relief! I would highly recommend Iconix Gold to others. Whenever I have a question or need any help, they are there to help me or to point me in the right direction.

Thanks so much!
Surojit kala 

Do You Need A Marketing Makeover?

After reading this financial advisor marketing case study, if you or an advisor you know wants to offload their marketing to professionals, we are here to help. Get started by scheduling your free Marketing Consulting Call to review your current marketing strategy and get custom recommendations. Then save Rs.35,000 on our Total Marketing Package and let us create a custom marketing strategy for your business! 


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