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The insurance sector has the capacity to employ 50 lakh people due to COVID 19 effect
It's important to have proper branding & Digital marketing Support for every Development Officers to aware more & more candidates to join lic, join his/her unit only.  It's impossible to do things without a proper web Presence in the current situation as people are more dependent on Digital platforms.
Nowadays, people are more likely to deal with
SUPER PROFESSIONALS over mediocre & more likely to depend on Google and other social media platforms in order to make any major decisions.
Being Development Officers you need cutting edge technology & exclusive marketing ideas to maintain existing business & grow your new opportunities, for this reason, we are offering you our packages as per your goal .....

Become the most advance & popular Development Officer  

Pay Now
Recruitment Oriented Package for DO _ SBA.jpg

Total 3 lakhs advertisement reach

Pay Now
Pay in EMI

* Limited period offer 
* Promotion budget extra 
* Website renew charges applicable as per Package & features

*All packages come with Iconix Gold-designed Theme based website.

  Kindly choose your website from the given samples.
18% GST at the prevailing rate will be applicable as extra on the above price.


Future proof business growth solution for LIC SBA & DEVELOPMENT OFFICERS



Offering # 1

Recruitment Website


Offering # 2

Social Media Optimisation


Offering # 3

Google Search Enabled

ICONIX designed SBA & Development Officer Websites to attract new candidates & showcase your profile to the world. 

Stay ahead _ Stay premium

It will maintain your

·   Credibility 

·   Top-notch Reputation

·   Hitech profile 

·   Showcasing your experience

·   Attract new candidates for Agency

·   Build team members confidence

·   Earn respect 

·   Loyal fan follwers

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media is free , but  social media marketing is  not free.  Our professional team will do it for you.  

Connect maximum people in less time through propoer social media marketing .

Today, more than any other time in recent history, social media platforms have become the main source of information. 
More and more people are relying on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up-to-date. Our team will create valuable post to your social media sites for you.

Social Media Optimisation

Build Awareness – Increase Engagement – Generate Enquiries

Social Media
Marketing Basic

Starting From Rs.6000* p/m

No. Of Posts – 8

Billed Quarterly– In Advance

8 strategic Posting Per month.

Social Media Profile Creation & marketing. planning.

Customized Creative design, Content writing & social media calendar implementation.  

18% GST at the prevailing rate will be applicable as extra on the above price.


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