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Start Your Digital Business Within 1 week,

 Earn ₹Rs. 50,000 - ₹1,00,000 Per Month

Encash your contacts, help them to grow their business & in return grow your income.The most prestigious business model on earth.

Who Can be an IGP?

1. LIC Agent, GIC Agent, MF Agent 
2. Students on or above 22 years old 
3. Salaried male or female 
4. Businessman 

No huge technical skill required l Work Full Time or Part-Time l Full tech support

Advantages of Becoming an IGP

1. Start a Business with almost zero Investment
2.No Limit of Your Earnings
3. Create Additional source of Income
4. A Business model that has grown even in pandemics.
5. High Profile business model 
6. Get advantage of latest technology & become an important figure in your society 

Who is an IGP?

An IGP or ICONIX GOLD Partner is a person who can earn commissions upon selling various business solutions like –

Social Media Marketing , Brand Creation service , Website Development , Creative Design service , Google Marketing Solutions, SEO Solutions , Full digital marketing service , Business development strategy , Mobile App marketing , Software for business houses 

We Are Here To Help

Support Structure For IGP's

   Product Training
   How to Sell Training
   Digital Marketing Training
   Technical Training

   Business Setup Support
   Operational Support
   Full tech support
●    Lead Generation Support

What we help you do

1. We help you to grasp and learn core digital marketing concepts as well as earn.

2. We teach you how to create custom marketing plans with hands-on training in live projects.

3. We teach you how to select the best possible product to help your clients with hands-on training in live projects.

4. We also keep you updated with the latest digital Marketing technology and trends.

5. We also help you make your digital presence more prominent.

6. We teach you how to convert a lead to a customer.

Earn Recurring Benefits

How Do You Earn?

You get a payout if a lead is closed successfully by you.

You also get a payout when your clients renew their services monthly

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