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Amitabha Guha

Why Personal Branding Is More Important Than Ever for a Financial Advisor?

  • Great personal branding will differentiate you from competitors and allow you to build trust with prospective clients

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression—make it one that will set you apart and reflect who you are.

Hello. I am Amitabh Guha, Brand Strategist & business consultant for financial advisors for the past 8 years & founder of

ICONIX GOLD. I help you figure out what’s great about you and put it into a form that allows you to attract your ideal clients.

As a financial advisor, you haven’t always been focused on personal branding. You may have started your practice with a small budget & without knowing branding value creation, therefore you were limited with your unorganized branding. 


Then, you may have progressed to an independent advisor model with little control over your brand. You may have developed a standard template website with a plain brand, appearing mass-produced and uninspired. You may have chosen a budget website & brand design services from a local vendor and you were once again limited by their choices & knowledge limitations. 

You’re tired of looking like other advisory firms. You want prospective clients to be attracted to your brand. You want clients to be impressed with your business card, your physical branding design to your digital presence.  You want centers of influence to notice your distinction.

The problem is, that you don’t know how to go about creating a new brand because it just doesn’t come naturally to you. You’re great at investment management. You’re brilliant when it comes to writing a financial plan. But branding? That’s a mystery.


Branding helps your firm express its unique value, while influencing buying behavior, allowing you to stand out from the competition and attract your ideal clients.


Then, you may have progressed to an independent advisor model with little control over your brand. You may have developed a standard template website ( surprisingly few advisors also using digital e-card ) & poor design & content in Social Media with a plain brand, appearing mass-produced and uninspired. Your coworkers or seniors may have offered only one vendor (unprofessional & inexperienced ) for your website & Social Media Marketing and you were once again limited with their choices.

Remember, always consider a professional team having proper knowledge in your domain. 


Work with us to brand your financial firm. We will establish a step-by-step customized Branding Plan focused on key deliverables to help you pre-sell your services to prospective clients with your branded message. In addition, we can explore how to land new clients using a proper marketing strategy.


Independent financial advisors, Insurance advisors, investment advisors, financial planners, and financial firms.

ICONIX GOLD Branding & Business Promotion Services

Work with us and gain access to our hidden business deliverables, ideas & tools that we do not share with our other clients .

Click BELOW to schedule a consultation for this program
What happens when you work with us?

1. You’ll have a beautiful brand message and brand visuals that express your benefits and values.

2. Potential clients will be attracted to your practice and PRE-SOLD because of your authentic BRAND.

3. You will make an investment in your brand that will payoff forever.

  • Practice name guidance

  • Brand guidance – logo/colors/website design

  • Vision / Mission

  • Target Market development consulting

  • Tagline development consulting

  • Value Proposition consulting

  • How to create Brand Engagement with your ideal clients

  • Develop a Client Service Experience that engages

  • Headshot guidelines

  • Biography guidance

  • LinkedIn profile development

  • LinkedIn Prospecting

  • Facebook business page consulting

  • Instagram business page consulting

  • Search engine optimization consulting

  • Brochure content consulting

  • Business card content consulting

  • Marketing Plan

  • Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Digital / Inbound Marketing Plan

  • Prospecting Plan

Although I personally don’t do design, I lead your project, using your designers (as long as they are experienced and produce quality work), or my team members.  


Strategize your Target Market

Part of the work we do together will be to strategize the niche markets you would like to attract.

My unique process pinpoints your strengths to match them up with who you most would like to work with along with the benefits you provide in your Value Proposition. This becomes part of your Brand!

Develop your Message and Value Proposition

We help you determine the value you provide. Our unique process zeros in on what you provide that benefits your ideal clients. This becomes part of your Brand!

Create subconscious Branding Messages

I help you get results through the use of subliminal messages that create engagement and action.

Your potential clients will make their decision on which financial advisor they will hire based on subconscious messages they find in your website design, website bio, and your Social Media profile.

Are you presenting the right subconscious messages?

  • Is your headshot the VERY BEST it can be? Approachable and honest? Easy to work with? Knowledgeable? Facing the camera and not at an angle? (at an angle, the subconscious mind thinks “What are they hiding?”)

  • How do you dress? I always say, dress for where you want to be in 5-10 years. Any sleeveless attire can be construed as unprofessional.

  • Color choices: what are you saying with the colors you chose? The Psychology of Color and Your Financial Brand

  • Did you know, 95% of decisions are based on emotions and come from our right brain creative self.

  • Too much left brain financial information turns people off.

  • Emotions: Motivate and pull at your prospective clients’ heartstrings and emotions.

  • Influence: We must think about how we influence behavior through subconscious messages.

  • Intuition: Decisions are often made on gut instincts.

  • Activate the brain’s reward center: The right brain wants to make a decision instinctively therefore we must help to activate the brain’s reward center.

THIS ^^^^^ is what’s important in effective branding.


Attract clients via your Brand!

Need proof that what we did?

See visual Brand examples below of clients I have worked with who now have engaging brands.

Re-invent your brand and your website!

Your online pages such as Socail Media , website design & content and website Value Proposition should be focused on your target market. WHY?

CONSUMERS ARE USING THE INTERNET – 97% of consumers use the internet to find solutions to their challenges.*

This is why it’s important to carry your new brand across all marketing mediums from your brochure and business card all the way to your website in order to create brand continuity.

Why re-brand your firm?
  • You’ve been in business many years and it’s time to reposition

  • Your practice has changed over the years and your brand hasn’t

  • You want to attract better quality clients

  • You want more referrals from centers of influence

  • You want to introduce a new wealth management service

1. Higher quality clients

Using the concepts of quality design, you can appeal to the desires and needs of more sophisticated clients, who routinely make decisions subconsciously. Consumers buy based on EMOTION. A good brand captures the emotion and uses it to influence buying behavior. Clients are willing to pay more for services that are presented through quality branding.

2. Services are easier to sell

Surojit Kala is a high-quality establishment that attracts affluent business owners and families. If they used clip art or cheap logo design, cheap Social Media Marketing & cheap website design, would they still attract quality visitors? No, of course not. Consumers stay at the Surojit Kala because it is a brand they trust that exudes wealth and sophistication. Extrapolate this concept to your financial firm. Wouldn’t you love to attract better quality clients who are willing to pay your fees?

3. Pre-sold clients

In this digital age, 97%* of consumers use the Internet to find solutions to their challenges. When these consumers land on your professionally branded website, they will be pre-sold on hiring you because they have an opportunity to research what you stand for and whether you can help them with their unique challenges. Since this research is done ANONYMOUSLY, it safeguards their privacy and allows prospective clients to think about what you offer and whether they would like to hire you, all before you even hear from them.

4. Premium price

The more expensive your services, the more you need a good brand. And let’s face it, financial advice is not inexpensive. It is however wonderful value for the money, and the wealthy can afford it more than the lower wage earner, but you must position your firm as offering value, which you can do by conveying a great message through branding and your Value Proposition.

5. Competitive advantage

When going up against other financial firms (and you will compete against many other firms, there’s no doubt about it), you must stand out visually. In my opinion, the design concepts used by the majority of today’s financial firms are overly bland and unexciting. Every brand looks the same. Your ideal clients are looking for uniqueness and creativity in your brand, and they are unaware that they are doing it. They want to see the BENEFITS of working with you presented in a visual manner that is different from other financial firms.


I work with clients in a Consultation capacity. This means that we establish your brand together. I help you define your Value Proposition, your Message, your Target Market, and WHY clients would do business with you over another advisor. I help you strategize what to say on your branding pieces to get results.

Why hire us for Brand Strategy?

1. We use sophisticated marketing and branding strategies that help you attract your ideal clients.

2. Experience – We have been working with financial advisors on Branding going back to 20014!

3. Unique – you don’t want a template brand. You don’t want a cookie-cutter Value Proposition. You want to express your unique value.


Your Message is your Value Proposition. Please request a consultation so we may discuss the possibilities.

Example #1 Website Homepage for a Financial Planner specializing in women, businesses, and families
Example #1 Website Homepage for a Wealth Manager specializing in businesses, retirement plans, and families
Example #2 Corporate Identity design for Financial Advisor specializing in Legacy Planning
Example #3 Social Media Marketing design for a Financial Planner
output-onlinepngtools (6).webp
Example #4 Portfolio design for an Investment Advisor 
Example #5 Website Homepage for an agency manager focussing on agency recruitment 
Example #7  Exhibition  Marketing Strategy & execution For a Financial Advisor 
Seven Mistakes Advisors Make with Their Brand
Don’t attempt to brand on your own and fail.
Let me help you get it right!
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