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FAST TRACK TO MDRT - An Income Growth exclusive online course for LIC Agents who want to earn more .

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

An Extraordinary 12 weeks of online training going to start from 13th September, Sunday.

🎯 12 Weeks

🎯 12 Sunday

🎯 12 Topics

🎯 12 Selling Concepts

🎯 12 Projects

🎯 12 MDRT Combos

Confirm Ur Slot Now

& Become Super High-Tech Insurance Advisor & 10X Sales Growth in this Pandemic Period


First 25 lucky LIC Agents can join this training in just Rs.2600.

Get 100% Cash Back Voucher .

After payment simply whatsapp us payment details & your Name , Contact Number , Mail Id & Branch Code . You will get confirmation within 12 hrs .

To Know More about ICONIX GOLD , kindly click

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