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Digital Marketing Is Really An Easy Task .....Save Lakhs Per Year If You Can Manage Few Roles ......

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Yes , it's true that you can save minimum 1

Lakh every year if you are having 5 to 10 ( Depends upon your business model ) qualities or having qualified team members. Absolutely no need to higher professional Branding or Digital Marketing Agency for your business promotion.

Qualities are given below .....

1. Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing executive is responsible for looking into the online marketing strategies for the organization. They plan and execute marketing campaigns, and maintain and supply content for the organization’s website , social media channels , blogs etc

2. Social Media Marketing Expert

A social media marketing expert is responsible for combining marketing and social media management to enhance the company’s social media presence, interaction with target audiences, promoting the brand’s engaging content, and expanding the opportunities for increasing the revenue. A social media marketing expert should have the understanding and knowledge of each social media platform, social media marketing strategies, and how to optimize content to make it engaging on the social media channels.

3. Creative Graphics Designer

Graphic design can produce a visual environment that will help to communicate your ideas. An informative and creative image can transmit ideas that cannot be expressed with words alone.

It's little difficult to explain importance of Graphics designer in few lines . Moreover you can add Creative Video Editor in your team if you wish to post some amazing clips in your channels .

4. Digital Marketing Copywriter

A copywriter is responsible for content marketing. Managing post content, marketing campaigns, writing articles,video marketing content, sales page copy writing, etc. are the roles of a content marketing manager.

5. Analyst

Analytics manager ( Analyst ) is responsible for the implementation of tools and strategies to translate raw data into the valuable business insights. Here are the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of an Analytics Manager:

Understand the business objectives and needs.

Develop the right strategies for effective data analysis and reporting.

Define the metrics and relevant data sources of the company.

Select, configure, and implement analytical solutions.Lead and develop a data analysts team.

Page performance analysis , using money in effective campaigns etc.

Conclusion : Lets start & save from day one .

Amitabha Guha ( Founder , Analyst )


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