5 reasons brand identity is important for your Agency business


A strong and recognizable brand can help a business be more successful, which is why creating an effective brand identity is so important. But what all does a brand identity entail, and why is it so important?


Your logo design is the cornerstone in your brand identity. When working with our designer,
Our aim for your logo to tick off the following boxes:


*  Clearly communicates who you are and what you value    as a brand


*  Is visually appealing: simple, clean and uncluttered    goes a long way ​


*  Makes a lasting impression on your audience.


Logo design process


Logo or trademark is the visual identity of your business. A logo is what makes your company recognizable. To design a logo, except for the name of your company, it is important for ICONIX creative team to know which category of business you are in, so that the logo can clearly represent your company. ​


That is why ICONIX GOLD team approaches logo design with the utmost professionalism – through communication with the client, researching their needs, and at the same time following the latest design trends. ​


Logo design prices 

Premium Business Card Design

The Most Powerful Yet Overlooked Marketing Tools

One of your most powerful, yet ignored weapon in your marketing arsenal is your business card. Exchanging business cards with potential clients is, in fact, the most personal form of marketing. In this “tech-savvy” world, business cards are still essential for modern day businesses. There are many advantages of swapping business cards when compared to simply exchanging numbers. For starters, it is quite embarrassing and unprofessional when a client hands you their card and you have nothing in return for them. Rather than just being a contact in someone’s phone, a business card allows you to brand yourself. By presenting a client with a business card, you contain the ability of promoting yourself by means of text and visual cues. Production and printing costs of business cards are low and the benefits are high; as they make a statement in the business world.

When done properly, a business card should convey both you and your company’s dominance. The color, content, design, typography, paper, as well as the size of a business card, will act as clear signals to a potential client about who you are and what you stand for. When creating a business card it is equally important to convey an important message, as well as have your card stand out amongst all the other cards.

Promotional Design Services – Giving an Edge to Your business

We will design  eye-catching office essentials & promotional  materials for you ! Bringing creativity to your promotional endeavors, our skilled graphic designers work on Letterhead , Envelope  design, & five essential promotional materials  design to give your name  an edge over others! Being a full-service graphic design company, our images, fonts, and finished artwork are specially developed to attract your target customers.

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